Saturday, January 31, 2015

Valentine's Day Is For Friends, Family & Lovers - You Can Make A Difference!!!

Valentine's Day is Almost Here!! What to Do?? What to Do??

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Flora2000 gift!
Here it comes...the one day in the year when you can celebrate the people in your life whom you love--and not just your girlfriend/boyfriend, significant other, partner, or spouse! Really, there are probably several more really special people in your life.  :-)  For a quick and easy way to reach out, link to Flora2000 and choose just the right gift for your loved ones. But I am getting ahead of myself...

The way I see it, I'd love to start with my Folks to celebrate all that they have done and sacrificed for me in my life. In my case, both my parents are on the other side and I will light 2 candles in their honor to remember them and to commemorate my love for them. If you are lucky, you can celebrate your parents and all the heart they provided you while they are still on this side! It will mean so much to them...

Then, for many of us, there are Siblings to remember. With all the challenges most of us experience in growing up in a household with a brother or a sister or more than one of each (!), we couldn't have learned how to become the people that we are without the interpersonal dynamics of spending our most formative years together. Hopefully, we continue to refine the person that we are by getting better at following the Golden Rule (which may have been a bit challenging when we were kids), but the basic stuff of ourselves was hammered out when we were young as we interacted with our brother(s) and/or our sister(s). My brother and I are really close, especially now that we are, respectively, the matriarch (I'm 2 years older) and the patriarch of our families. And even if you are not so close, when was the last time you made Valentine's Day special for any of the siblings you may have? Trust me. Reach out and forget about how good it will make your sibling feel; just be amazed at how good it will make YOU feel!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with the family you love!
And how about the extraordinary extended Family Members and Friends in your life: the Grandparents, the Aunts and Uncles and Cousins; the Lifetime Friends, the Mentors, the people who regularly make you smile and are there for you when the going gets tough? Valentine's Day is a loving way to acknowledge those who contribute so much to the quality of our lives. Here's a question for you, “Is it too much to ask of my time and effort to reach out to these really special people and give them a really special reason to smile and be appreciated?"

Next come the stereotypical objects of our Valentine's Day Gifting, if we have been lucky enough to have found Our Special Someone: our Significant Others; Life Partners; Girlfriends or Boyfriends; Husbands or Wives, etc. It feels wonderful to celebrate the romance that started your relationship. “Romance is the glamour that turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze. Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. If these are the sentiments you harbor within for the one who rules your heart then express your feelings in the most special way this Valentine’s Day...”

And last, but not least, if you have come to that stage in life (!), there are your Children, your Nieces and Nephews, and perhaps even your Grandchildren to celebrate. When my children were growing up, they excitedly anticipated the Valentine's Day cards and candy that always arrived from their Grandparents who lived several states away. Like other holidays, Valentine's Day offers each of us an opportunity to create traditions that are lovingly anticipated from year-to-year: baking heart cookies or cakes; hiding surprise heart candy in lunch boxes and/or under dinner plates; a backwards dinner where the Valentine's treats are the first course with the Valentine's Day dinner to follow; wearing an article of clothing that is red on February 14th, etc. No doubt you have some stellar traditions and/or ideas of your own that you could share! If you don't, consider making this Valentine's the one where you start your very own special tradition.  :-)

One of the most traditional ways to reach out to those we love is to arrange a special
delivery of flowers, fruit baskets, cakes, stuffed animals, fragrances, chocolates/candies, and/or cookies. Fortunately, this is the easy part of reaching out! Take a look at Flora2000 as a wonderful way to celebrate the people on your Valentine's Day List.
Here's what you should know about Flora2000:                   
  1. You can schedule a delivery to one of 190 countries; Flora2000 has served a worldwide market for 15 years with a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed—No quibbles—either a Refund or Replacement.
  2. You can search the site for a particular type of gift combination—try “teddy bears” and 3 different, beautiful floral arrangements pop up, each with a teddy bear; one arrangement even has a small box of chocolates to go with it!
  3. You can get feedback/testimonials from reviewers on most all of the items offered before you decide on the perfect gift you want to send.
  4. Many items you choose can be delivered the same day; most on the next day. The delivery price (mostly $14.99) and total cost is clearly available on the description of each gift offered. And transactions are secure.
  5. Flora 2000 also offers its customers a 3-Tiered Loyalty Program (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) which extends unique and exciting benefits and exclusive privileges.
NOTE -- To see your choices of gifts - including 50% off Valentine's Day Specials - CLICK HERE and then go to"SHOP NOW"! (Check-out the "Love Medley" that includes Rufescent the Bear, Flowers, and a Box of Chocolate!) 
Flora2000 gifts warm the hearts of those you love!

And here's the best part! Flora 2000 offers you a whole section of Super Saver Offers, a Toll-Free number, and a Chat capacity available 24/7 for live support so you can get the help you need at any time of the day or night! So whether you reach out to the people you love on Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Births, other Momentous Occasions, Life Cycle Events or on Valentine's Day, I have a request: Link to the Flora2000 site and choose just the right gift...

Then, just revel in how great you feel to be making someone you love take a deep breath of surprise and then smile with delight all the day through because they received your amazing gift delivery!  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Wellness Component and Opportunity - 30 Min 3 Days a Week!

Healthy and Fit in 30 Minutes—3 Times a Week? Really??

Okay. New Resolution—2015: a New Year, a Healthier, More Fit You. Really.

But wait. Haven't you been here before? I have.

Most of us make resolutions to exercise and lose pounds
Those early morning- or after-work trips to the gym that eat up a couple of hours each time, what with the gym-bag packing, the travel, the clothes-changing, and the actual exercise routines. Then the shower, the clothes- changing and the travel again. Somehow, at the end of it all, I don't feel energized, I feel exhausted...And when it's time to repeat the process the following day to get the lean, healthy body I'm striving for, my motivation just seems to evaporate. Too much time, too much non-exercise-related effort, too interruptive to my day, and too costly.

What I really need is a way to get the best calorie-burning, toning results at home, to eliminate the wasted time of going to a gym, to enjoy the experience my way, and boost my confidence and energy. And get all that by working out for 30 Minutes—3 Times a Week, in my comfortable space, watching/listening to whatever media experience floats my boat at any given time, wearing what I want without embarrassment. Is such a thing possible? You better betcha!

Believe it or not, there is one piece of equipment that offers all those advantages and more. You use it in your home and you burn over 600 calories in 30 Minutes just by WALKING! It's called the BowFlexTreadclimber!
The BowFlex TC10 Best Seller

Imagine a piece of equipment that uses the best combined technology of a treadmill, stairclimber, and elliptical machine—ALL IN ONE—with non of the joint stress of running! The results? 30 Minutes of WALKING on the BowFlexTreadclimber burns almost 4 times as many calories as using a treadmill (165 calories for 30 minutes) and more that 3 times as many calories as on a stairclimber (191 calories for 30 minutes)...

And what are 8 other benefits to you besides burning off all those calories?
  1. You lose weight. 2. You look better. 3. You increase your energy. 4. You increase your bone density and strength so you are at less risk of a bone fracture. 5. You increase your good cholesterol—HDL's. 6. You decrease your risk of a heart attack. 7. You decrease any back pains. 8. You increase your metabolism which decreases body fat and your body becomes leaner.
Shelly lost 40 pounds in four months using the BowFlex Treadclimber
Who's going to argue with those results???

So what's the catch? The Cost. Because you're worth it, you need to make a financial commitment to obtain this important piece of equipment that will make you a happier, healthier you. A you who makes you smile when you look in the mirror; a you who actually enjoys shopping for smart clothes that you have only loved on other people, a you whose doctor congratulates you on your new-found health and energy!

Fortunately, you can save anywhere from $200 to $700 with the special offers available. And, if approved, you can obtain free financing for 18 months! And besides the equipment choice of 3 models of the BowFlexTreadclimber, you will receive access to the BowFlex Community, Training Tips, and Diet Advice, too!

What are you waiting for? You want a healthy and fit you ASAP...So, you need to take the first step: Check out the 3 BowFlex Treadmill choices, choose the model which most appeals to you and your pocketbook, and start WALKING to become a healthier, fit, and happier you! Enjoy the journey—the payoff is AMAZING!!

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Good Health Can Affordably Start With Your Mouth & Teeth!

A Healthy Mouth = A Healthier You!

That hole in our faces between our nose and our chin is an amazing anatomical part...yet we often take it for granted even though it is vital to our well-being in so many ways!

The importance of teeth and mouth care for ood health
What ways, you ask? My partner, Maxine, is a trained dental hygienist, and she gave me the quick and short list of the vital role of our mouths: Food Intake and Pre-digestion; Speech; Appearance (Healthy Smile); and General Circulatory System Health to prevent Bacterial and Viral-based Heart Disease, Blood Infections, and General Malaise.

So, hands down, it pays to take care of our mouths to promote our general health! Here's the next consideration—and it's personal: What have you done lately to maximize the health of YOUR mouth?

The care and maintenance of your mouth breaks down into 2 simple categories:
  1. DENTAL SELF-CARE: Cleaning your teeth, gums, and tongue, 1-2 times per day.
  2. DENTAL PROFESSIONAL CARE: Getting a teeth and gum examination—often including x-rays (“radiographs”), teeth cleaning (“prophylaxis” is the clinical term), and treatment as necessary, 1-2 times per year.
Just know that the modern focus of dental care is on prevention and includes instruction for daily self-cleaning care as well as a professional exam, cleaning, and treatment with new techniques that are far more comfortable for patients than in days of old!

Often, though there are two obstacles for people who are stonewalled at getting the Professional Dental Care they need: FEAR and COST.

If FEAR of the dentist is keeping you from the care you need to stay a healthier you, know that you can shop around for THE dentist who offers the most comfortable, professional care. Call several offices and ask them to describe their prevention protocol for patients and request a couple of patient reviews! Seriously, you probably shop for the best quality and value for all the other services you need to purchase; do it for your mouth, too!

The other obstacle is COST. So where is the White Horse come to save the day??? Well, it's here and it's called Individual (and, often, Family) Dental Plans. These Plans are not traditional insurance plans offered by an employer group. Rather, they are discount plans for individuals and family members that can generate even greater cost-savings to you! We're going to look at one of the best, most affordable Plans in the marketplace: Careington Discount Dental Plan.

Here is what Careington offers: It has some of the best health care and lifestyle discount plans in the industry. Key features include:
  • Discounts available at the time of service
  • Unlimited plan usage, with no administrative forms or waiting
  • On most plans, membership can include family members
  • Existing medical conditions OK
  • Compatible with consumer-directed health plans such as HSAs/FSAs
  • Cancellation available within 30 days and receive a full refund, less your processing fee
  • Quality Providers

So, don't wait another minute to guarantee a more healthy mouth to support a more healthy you! Link to Careington Discount Dental Plans and take a look at the important, affordable dental coverage that is in sync with your dental AND general health! (We even encourage Brokers to offer it to their clients!) There's even more! The Careington Plan includes Vision and Pharmacy Discount Cards! So, sign up for the Plan to best meet your needs and welcome to the world of Happy Smiles!  

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Limiting Your Costs - Your Pets Deserve All Your Love!

As we begin the New Year, I decided it was important to look at some areas of interest outside of insurance and benefits. And what better way, but to introduce you to some amazing companies and products that will enrich your lifestyle and that of your family, friends, and pets? So I decided to start with pets. Here's why...

That intangible sense of well-being that comes from the unconditional love that most of our pets offer us makes coming home even better after a long day! My dog is a border collie/lab mix whose name is Derby—short for Dirtbike. My daughter, Sarah, and her then boyfriend, named him in honor of a hot band in Columbus, Ohio over 10 years ago when they got him as the runt of a litter that was in the local shelter. As time went forward, Sarah was unable to keep Derby in the apartment she had, so she bequeathed him to me! Derby's happy-dance when I walk in the door never gets old! But HE is getting older (not so sure about the wiser!) and it is important to offer him the best quality of life with carefully chosen food, toys, and meds to keep him physically, psychologically, and emotionally at his peak. No doubt you feel the same way about your pet(s)!

After checking the internet for a pet-supply vendor which offered a cost-effective, broad range of brand-name, quality pet products, I discovered Pet360/Pet Food Direct. Whether you share your home with a Dog, Cat, Small Pet, Reptile, Fish, or Bird (or multiples of any of these creatures!), Pet360/Pet Food Direct offers a lowest price guarantee on hundreds of premium brands and thousands of products in an easily searchable site. In addition, (and I always look for this), they also offer additional opportunities to save, including free shipping on orders over $49, so that your products are delivered to your door without any shipping costs! Our next post will discuss Pet Insurance and Pet Care Discount Plans.

Do yourself and your pet(s) a favor! Link to -:http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-6393115-12081447 and Today through January 31st, receive free shipping on all orders of $49 or more and 10% off + free shipping on all orders of $79 or more! Choose some fabulous items to have shipped to your door, and create even more smiles for you AND your pets! 

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Happy New Year & an Introduction to Opportunities for 2015 and Beyond!1

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