Thursday, May 14, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend - Things to Remember & To Do!

Memorial Day - Let's never forget those that made the ultimate sacrifice!
Things To Remember for Memorial Day!! 

MEMORIAL DAY - 1st and foremost Memorial Day is a Day of Remembrance! Why? - "Memorial Day started off as a somber day of remembrance; a day when Americans went to cemeteries and placed flags or flowers on the graves of our war dead. It was a day to remember ancestors, family members, and loved ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice." Memorialday.org The remembrance started in the years following the Civil War and became an official holiday in 1971! 
Many of my direct family members fought and survived fighting in WW I & WWII. Many of my friend fought and survived Vietnam! They have passed along the importance of remembering those who fought for our freedom and gave their lives to keep us free! We encourage you to observe Memorial Day by at least displaying the U.S. flag! For more ideas for observing this day visit Sheknows.com

Enjoy Memorial Day Fun!
Things To Do!
HAVE FUN -  In addition to a day of remembrance, Memorial Day weekend has become a time to enjoy life and the transition from Spring to Summer - after a long brutal Winter for many of us! I was rather amazed when I Googled "What to do on Memorial Day weekend?".It appears that:
  • Almost every city has a Series of Events! 
  • Stores provide Incredible Sales! 
  • Families Open Their Patios & Plan to Grill Out!
  • Pools and Backyards Open For Play!
Here are some Time & Cost-Saving Suggestions we've gathered for you!
1) Google the city where you live or visiting - As an example, if you plan to be in or around Boston go to their events website - Celebrations Landing Page.
2) Visit these stores for their SPECIALS for Look'in Good & Having Fun:
          a) Lacoste - For Your Summer Styles! 
          b) Lord & Taylor - For Incredible Savings for the Entire Family! 
          c) Nautica - For the Whole Family to Welcome the warm days in Style! 
          d) Orvis - For great Men's & Women's Sports Wear!   
3) Plan your Outdoor Events!
           a) Chicago Steak Company - Make Your Grilling a Great Experience!
           b) Home & Patio Decor Center - Everything for Your Patio Experience! 
           c) Wicker Paradise - Turn Your Yard into an Adventure of Comfort!
4) Plan Your Outdoor Fun!
            a) Step2 - Their Specialty is Kids Play!
            b) WillyGoat - The Ultimate in Swing Sets, Playhouses, Trampolines & Much More! 
            c) Brookstone - Outdoor/Indoor Speakers, Fun Items & So Much More!  
Let's all Remember those that made the Ultimate Sacrifice for us! While we are enjoying a long weekend keep in mind that those Men & Women made it possible! 
Freedom is not Free -  it is Earned!!
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